Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday - the horror of it all

Today, we were cruelly abandoned by our servants for the WHOLE DAY!!!!!  Dad took the day off from work to take what's her name to Cleveland, for THREE medical related visits, and THEY LEFT US HOME ALONE!!!!!!!  It was horrible- we were fed breakfast, bread and water, and then they LEFT US!!!!

But, we got back at them-  there were tons of puddles and presents from us when they came home aroun 7 PM.  It took what's her name over half an hour to clean it all up, and she never said a word.  Serves her right!!!

Seems that what's her name is going to have bariatric surgery in January, and had to see a head doctor, the surgeon, and a dietician.  Mom has tried for years to lose weight that she put on since her late 20s, but it only makes it worse.  Even her swimming isn't enough, so her primary care doctor told her to look into it.  (Now we know why there are so few pictures of her!)  She starts a new diet tomorrow, and goes back next week and again in December to see the dietician.  She has to keep up and even increase her swimming and we now know that we will be doing walkies more often every day- at least twcie with Mom and then a third time with Mom and Dad.  Mom and Dad see the surgeon again on January 5th and then the surgery will be the last week of January or the first week of February.  Now we know why she has been so nervous and depressed this summer!!

In really good news, His Majesty, Frankie Furter Price, was the Daily Doxie today!!!!  We at the DWM have already held this prestigious honor, as has Her Majesty, Twix the Twixerific.  Now, the Royal Greatness of the Blogosphere holds the title, one which he truly deserves.  Now, his wives will be Queens of the Blogosphere, instead of the wives aof a mere mayor.

In Puddles news (aka She Who Must Be Obeyed), Her Imperial Greatness will someday be honored with the Daily Doxie award, but we think she has to join the site first!!!


Deborah said...

Good Luck with the surgery.
Happy Thursday to you!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Well if you need to help "what's her name" with an extra walkie every day... I am sure you will take the task and do it with your special skill and attention to detail. Sorry that SHE has to have surgery, butt it will make her feel better.