Saturday, November 13, 2010

SHHHHHH-- Secret Saturday!!!!!

Today, What's Her Name and Dad took us car right after breakfast!  We went to a train store so she could FINALLY get something for Dad for his 41st birthday tomorrow  (Is 41 anywhere near 87, does anybuddy know?)

Anyhoos, what's her name actually found something that Dad does NOT know about!  It is something with CSX on it.  She sent Dad out back to the car to see us, and while she was paying for the other stuff Dad picked out she found it  Promise- pictures tomorrow!

THEN, she was exercising her jaw, again, with the ladies who run the store and found out that there were three Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer themed train cars available!  She looked at them and put them on layaway for us to give Dad Christmas morning.  Finally using her head!

Of course, what happened next was even more impawtant as far as we were concerned- we hit the McDonald's next door!  We needed more water and Mom slipped up and ordered a sandwich meal for Dad and herself (she isn;t allowed ANY fast food anymore, but was told it would take a while for her to resist the yummy goodness)  We had glorious french fries, since Mom isn;t supposed to have them, and we also had to sacrifice to make sure they were cooked properly so Dad wouldn;t get s sick tummy.  YUMMY!!!

Then Mom drove us home and then after a quick nappy, we helped clean out the garage so that Dad could finally use his powerwasher that we got him for Easter.  We are so pooped out that we need another nappy! 




Frankie Furter said...

shhhhhhh don't show this to him until tomorrow..
Happy Birfday to your DAD...

I checked with my mom... your dad's number is a LONG LONG way from 87. whew.

NOW... I have something very much exciting to tell you... You can tell your dad ALLLLLL about this as pawt of his Birfday cebrations.
You know that new movie that Just came out Yesterday... all about a runaway train... WELL.. THAT ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN 9 YEARS AGO ... RIGHT IN COLUMBUS... My mom and dad BOTH remember all about it..... So this new TRAIN movie is BASED on that REAL story!!! Some of it was even filmed here in OHIO... BUTT (SNIFF) in the MOVIE... they say it all happened in Pencil Vane Ea AH...
You should have your mom take your dad to see the movie for his birfday!!!! I could hardly wait to tell you all about this... and then Holy Cow... it happened just in time for your dad's Happy Birfday!! I'm just sayin'

Agnes B Bullock said...