Monday, November 22, 2010

CHIP and THAI updates

Remember when Chip had to have extra training over the summer with the Northeast Ohio Dog Whipserer?  You would never believe it, but he does his walkies with DAD and they get along great- no tugging, waiting for what's her name, etc.  The guys go off at a guy pace and Ginger and What's Her Name bring up the rear.  Chip still protects Mom, but no more nervousness and aggression.  He still barks at strange men, but listens (most of the time) when told NO. 

Thai is now doing walkies on his leash!  Mom can now leave his rolling throne home.  He fusses so much while in it- he just wants to run and catch up with Dad and Chip< so Mom lets him out and off his goes, hopping like a bunny.  Then the men in the pack go off and do their manly things while Ginger and Mom trail along respectfully, sniffing the ground, leaving pee mail. 
Thai is full of more energy and he and Chip are starting to share the dog beds in the living room and office.  Thai even sleeps on Mom's pillow for several hours before making his way to the paw of the bed for a couple more hours of snooze time.

Over this past weekend, there were lots of occasions for fun- Dad was raking the 87 billion leaves in the backyard, and Thai and Chip had a ball running around, zooming back and forth playing.  Ginger preferred to roll in the leaves, and when she attempted to extend the boundaries of her kingdom, she would run back to Mom if Dad caught her, and run to Dad when Mom caught her.  They were worn out with the warm weather and the backyard zoomies that they snored all night.  Sunday Dad finished the backyard and we were taken to Pet Supplies Plus to stock up on our raw venison chunks by Nautre's Variety. Mom could not find our favorite fruit treats, but Nature's Variety came out with great treats in the same flavors as their kibble.  (We talked Mom into buying two of the four flavors)

Dad put up his favorite birthday present, which was from us- Snoopy and his doghouse.  It looks great in the front yard!

Mom finally finished the envelopes for our Christmas CArds- now we get to sign the cards ourselves and then next week, we go shopping for the gift exchange!   Thai also needs a Christmas stocking and outfit, so he must endure that humiliation with us.

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