Saturday, October 23, 2010


Back from the first ever Wine and Halloweiners party in Garretsville, OH.  Too tired to post photos, but there were dachsie races, and tricks for treats- bobbing for weiners was a favorite and Thai was VERY good at it.  Thai even won the prize for being the oldest dachsie present!!!  EVeryone seemed to know of Thai and his IVDD and hip issues and EVERYONE thought he looked great!  He saw his therapist, MIss PAt and her gentleman friend, Mr. Steve, and his BFFs Butchie and Chance.  Butchie has a cart and Chance has only three legs, but boy does he get around!  Ginger and Chip had a ball- they raced but did not win (It was their first time and they had fun)  They ran through the tunnel and Chip did the agility course.  Lots of great toys for prizes too!

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Doxie Rod said...

sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! we can't wait to see pictures, i love it when there are lots of doxies in one place! and go thai for his prize!!!