Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

The DWM had a busy weekend, with LOTS of shopping!!!  MOm and Dad, our chauffuer and chaufferrette, took us to PetSmart AND Pet Supplies Plus on Saturday!  We had to get a new bed for Thai to use in Dad's train room- there simply isn't enough room on the one in there now.  We also got our Howloweiner costumes!  Thai is going to be a devil, Ginger will be wearing a dress with pumpkins on it and Chip will be wearing a Howloweiner tshirt.    Then, Mom stocked up on our kibble for the month.  No raw venison yet, we haven't finished our first bag of it but boy are we working on it.  THEN we had chicken nuggets from McDonald's for dinner!!!  We let our staf have some too, but what a treat.  Thai was ensconced in his camouflage throne, which was a good thing as it started to rain while we were in PetSmart.  Ginger and Chip led the charge on their leashes.  Everyone at both stores was jealous of us.  (Wonder what PUDDLES will say about all of this fame for us?)  They thought we were too cute and so well behaved!  (THAT was easy- no interesting peemail to read!)

Sunday was a day of rest, and we rested!  Saturday wore us out!

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