Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taz update

As everyone knows, Taz (or Tazmanian Dogville, as Dad called him) was adopted and now has a great furrever home in Pennsylvania!!!!!  He has a younger brother, Archie Bean, who is also a DRNA rescue, and both love each other to pieces.  Taz is continuing in his quest for Olympic and world records- the latest are in high jumping.  He has been so active that his family had to buy a 40 inch tall gate to keep him safe and away from the front door!  Taz loves taking baths with his brother and has become a Daddy's boy.  Have no fear, his Momma gets lots of kisses in the morning when she gets up.  He and MR. Bean sleep in the big bed, curled up next to their Mom.  Soemtimes, Taz takes overs her pillow!!!!  He is well loved by both his two legger and four legger families.  Once Mom gets some photos of him, she will post them.  Taz is on facebook with his friend, Archie, on his Mom's page.  Email Mom for that info- trainwife1962 at hotmail dot com.

Chip and Ginger are doing great with the Versatile K9 training sessions!!!!  Ginger is working very hard on "place" and "come" and what a difference!  Chip is improving daily on his walkies and no more problems at home with Dad or the couch!!!!  NO MORE FRONT DOOR problems with any of the DWM!!!  Chip waits in the living room when Mom opens the front door and will only come out after Mom is on the porch and she calls him from there.  Ginger still tries to get out before Mom but she is losing that battle.
going back inside, Chip stays on his porch blanket until Mom is back inside and calls for him!  Ginger is too busy trying to track down Taz's bunny, but she is good at the froint door too.  Chip can go outside and not bark at our neighbors when they are on their own lawns.  He is a MUCH happier dachsie too.  If you live in Northeast Ohio, check out Versatile K9, or look up Scott VanDenHaute 

Thai is a trooper- running around everywhere and keeping up with the pack. He went to Tuesday's class at Versatile K9 and was a very good boy- making friends with the other dogs who were boarding there and just being Thai.  Loves his stroller, which helps since he gets fussy when his arthritis pain kicks in.  He has his after dinner nap in it and he loves having it.

Dog park adventures keep happening- Dad and Mom take us to the park every weekend!!!  We love to run around and roll in the grass- and lots of great new smells.  We heard them telling us that we would be going every weekend, as long as the weather is good. 

Check out our videos on YouTube- Mom has it under trainwife1962.  Our new blog friend Twinkiedog has checked us out and left comments!

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Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hi Everybuddy!!
Wowie... this post is just chocked full of GRRRRRREAT news. I am soooooo happy and proud of all of you.