Monday, September 13, 2010

DWM news

Nothing much going on here in NE Ohio.  Just getting Mom up in time to feed us, letting her clean up after us, getting our beauty sleep.

BTW- Ever since Thai had his time at the spa, he is acting more puppyish.  He now wants to be up on the couch with the rest of the DWM, and loves to be pet by Mom and Dad.  Before, he realy wasn't into anything but food and petting was just not a sure thing.  Now he demands it! He settles in very quickly once he is on couch and no longer fusses.  Took Mom long enough to figure that out!

Also, Mom noticed that she has lost followers over the last couple of weeks.  She thinks it is due to her posting non dachsie related stuff, especially for 9-11.  As far as she is concerned, this is still America, and she will post what she wants, especially when America is still at war.  We might not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with us.  Mom served in the Army and was stationed in Europe in the late 1980s when terrorism was in its heyday, with the Baader Meinhof monsters, the Red Brigade, etc.  She was there when the US tried to take out Quaddafi and unfortunately failed.  She was there when a soldier was murdered by Islamic radicals after he left a Berlin disco.  Mom knows this stuff and is pretty smart for a two legger.  She was at work in NYC when the Twin Towers were bombed in 1993.  She and Dad last saw the Twin towers on 9 September 2001, when Dad was taking her to a bridal shower on Long Island.  She has served her country honorably and will defend it with her last breath.  So does Dad, and he is still in the Navy Reserve.  They hate what is happening in this country, and will speak out against the evil that is slowly strangling it.  If you are uncomfortable, Mom and Dad aren't going to change- and neither will we. 


The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

The mom here – The way I see it and if I am wrong then maybe we should leave blogville but this is your blog and you should post whatever you want – I know I do on the Beaglebratz blog – the B-bratz try to post all doggy stuff but if mom wants to post whatever it is then they “let” me. I am the one paying for this Internet service, no one else does and when we started our blog, I didn’t see any specific rules about what can and cannot be posted here in pet blogville. I like all the 9/11 memorials I see on the blogs – I’m a Navy brat – my dad was retired Navy and I work at a Veterans Medical Center; my brother is retired Air Force and his wife is in the Army Reserves so yes, 9/11 means something to me. I have absolutely no desire to live anywhere BUT the United States. What does bother me the most and it is my thing – I never seem to have enuf time to visit and leave comments at all the different blogs that I want to but life gets in the way sometimes and since I am the only one here, any responsibilities (I hate that word) falls to me – I have yet to see the Beaglebratz get up and go to work or clean the house and do the cooking or run errands and anything else needing done. However when I need a little extra kiss or wag or them just being there – they are the best .

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Why would you be wrong? I ams till waiting for the DWM to do some housework here too!!! My Dad was in the ARmy during Korea, and my eldest brother was also in the ARmy, retiring as a LTC> I never have enough time to read and leave comments at my favorite blogs, b ut do what I can with this one.

Thanks for understanding!