Friday, August 6, 2010


Yesterday was Mom's birthday- she is now 87 million years old or 48 for humans).  We celebrated by taking her for a morning walkie, and then we took her to lunch at Wendy's, since she had a dollar off coupon.  Then we napped till Chip's appointment with the NE Ohio Cesar Milan.  Mom was nuts again- she has been so worried about everything, but we only need 5 training sessions, and they are at home!!!!  We start Tuesday, and then two weeks later every Tuesday at noon for four more weeks.  MOM has to be retrained, which is funny!!!  Dad took MOm out for dinner and the birthday fairy found the second season of Burn Notice on dvd for her. WE got her a new mousepad from PetSmart, which had a dachshund on it!!!!  Mom heard from over 100 of her facebook friends, and Thai sent her a photo of himself wearing a happy birthday hat. 

Can you believe it- the spa did NOT know that Thai's birthday is today!!!!  (They know now)  Mom posted four videos of us on youtube, so look up trainwife1962 to check out the videos.  She has more to post, but the computer keeps freezing up for some reason, so no photos or videos till who knows!

Thai will have to open his card from Frankie when he gets home- MOM forgot to send it with him.  Wonder what he is up to today?


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

and Happy Birthday to Thai. I think that is grrreat that he will have his card to open when he gets home from the Spa. It will make coming home even nicer.
PeeS. I won't tell that you said your mom was like 87 million years old. hehehe

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday Mom!
Happy Birthday Thai!
Kisses and hugs