Sunday, May 16, 2010

SUNDAY Walkies!!!

Sorry we haven't kept up with the blogging, but Mom's floor is still NOT DONE!!!!  Only one row of planks left but they have to be cut very narrowly in order to fit around the two floor heating registers.  Mom is getting antsy, as everyone know blondes do, and we are tired of not being able to relax!!!!  At least we are getting used to walking on the Pergo flooring.  We have of course christened it, and Mom wasn't too happy, but she said it was MUCH EASIER to keep clean than the pink mess.  All three of us take turns using our magic cave for napping (that's the crate Mom and Dad bought last week)  Mom leaves the door off after she gets home from the pool, and we just go in and out, which makes her happy.  Yesterday and today our parents experimented with how long we can be left out of the cage while they are gone.  They learned that an hour is their best bet. 

Yesterday we went car with both Mom and Dad- Mom had her therapy appointment and she wanted us with her.  We were GOOOOOOD !!!!  We went for walkies in the church graveyard and Ginger explained that we would be taking pictures of gravestones for other people in the future, of gravestones, for their family trees.  Chip and Thai did not realize that two leggers had family trees and started to look for Mom and Dad's trees.  (Yes, we had sausage biscuits while on the ride to the therapy appointment- Mom did not want us to starve to death)  Mom has over 200 requests for our area, but the weather has been terrible so we haven't been out.  Ginger used to help Mom and Dad do this in ALbany when they lived there- she says it is fun because we get to roll in lots of new grasses and MOm and Dad let us explore.

Today, after Mom and Dad got home from 8 AM Mass (it was said for Aunt Regina, and the noon Mass is being said for Mom's Mom for her 82nd birthday today)  we went on walkies with BOTH parents.  We were good on this walkies- Mom was so proud of us for showing Dad how good we are.


Taffy said...

We can't wait to see the new floor! I'm confused....can you pick your human off a tree like an apple? That might be fun!
PS: I finally got your banners up!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

GEE WHIZ... You three get the bestest of snacks. I'm kind of Greenie with Jellyness. hehehe