Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Monday

Mom just came home from Home Depot where she spent 87 million green papers for the new living room and dining room floors.  Yesterday Dad and she painted the plywood in the dining room- they used something that is supposed to cover up pet stains!!!  (NOT ours- promise)  She had to buy more of it for under the remaining pink mess in the living room- once the dining room floor gets installed then all the furniture in the living room (half of which goes in the dr) goes into the dining room while the ugly pink mess gets pulled out>  Mom thinks that there MIGHT be some staining from us in this part of the house.  Who knows?  Can she tell by looking or sniffing? 

Anyway, great Thai news- he has completely made himself at home- so much so that MOM has to share her pillow with him at bedtime!!!  That's right- he just lays on her side of the bed and takes over her pillow, while Chip and Ginger monopolize the middle of the bed.  Mom is insisting that Dad buy a king size bed just so there is some room for her.  Who does she think she is?


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hummmm!!! I was at Home Depot today too. Wonder why I didn't see you guys???
Hey that big bed sounds like a grrrreat idea to me. You wouldn't be all scrunched up with the bed hogging two leggers that way. You MUST get your proper rest you know.

Lorenza said...

More home work??
Wow! You Mom and Dad sure are busy with the renovation!
Glad to know about Thai!
My mom needs a king size bed too! There is not enough space in our bed for the two of us!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

kalyxcorn said...

aw, you definitely need a king sized bed now!!


Taffy said...

I am always trying to push my mom outta the bed! She tells me it seems impossible for something so small to take up so much room. I'm not exactly sure what she means by that.....
Doesn't it just seem like craziness at your house with all that work going on? It will look wonderful!