Monday, April 19, 2010

The Thaiminator

Yesterday while Dad and Mom were working on pulling out all of the yucky pink carpet downstairs, Thai decided he needed a breather so went on a walkabout, just like they do in  Australia.  What happened was, Mom and Dad had been told by both the inspector and the realtors that they had wood flooring under the pink mess and now they wanted to refinish it, as the kitchen is getting tiled this week.  Mom was outside dachsie sitting on the porch when the horrible discovery was made by Dad and Mr. Hawkins, who is our next door neighbor and is called Sistine Steve because he does floors really nicely.  There was only 3/4 inch plywood- NO HARDWOOD in sight.  So, Mom had to go in and she forgot to put up the porch gate (she uses a baby gate to keep us on the porch).  About a half hour later, she and Dad came out to let us in, and they noticed that Thai was missing.  (Chip and Ginger were still on the porch)  Dad sped off in our car while Mom ran up and down our street looking for him, as he likes to visit other peoples garages when on walkies.  No one saw him and then they got a call.  Thai had made it over a half mile away to someone else's house!!!!  They saw his tag an called Dad.  He had cut through the backyard, leaving a "Thai pile" on the way, and then followed the morning walkies route, but turned right instead of left, and walked up to some boys playing in their front yard!!!  Mom had treats with her and shared them with Thai's new friend a huge golden retriever.  He looked like he wanted to stay where he was and did not want to come home!!!!  Eventually, after two treats he changed his mind and he walked home with MOm.   We think Mom's heart almost stopped because of Thai doing this walkie thingy of his.  She almost cried when she got home, she was so upset.  Thai just went to sleep like nothing happened. 

No one likes the mess in the house- the carpet is torn up in the dining room and the kitchen is getting torn up tonight and tomorrow, and the tiles get delivered on  Wednesday.  Then, next week sometime the Pergo flooring goes down where the stinky pink stuff was in the dining room and the living room.  At least the floors in the bedrooms and the upstairs hallway are hardwood. 


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Wow your place will be very much spiffy when it gets done, in about 87 days.
Thai Just What were you thinking??? You can't do walkabouts. Only my furend Barney, who really does live in that OZ place can do that. Shame shame.

kalyxcorn said...

oh my what a brave boy!!


A MilShelb Mom said...

Glad you found him! That is so scary! One of our doxies runs out every chance she gets and scares me to death!

Charlotte said...

Oh my dawgs!!! We are so glad that Thai is safe! Wow - scarey few minutes!!

Can't wait to see picks of the floors - especially once the pig thingey is gone!!

((hugs)) your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena