Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GINGER- Today's Daily Doxie at

 Mom is bumping this back to the top (OK, she cut and pasted it) since she posted so many photos- she did not want you to miss the Great News  Frankie Furter is going to join today, he was so excited about this honor.  Wonder when he is the Daily Doxie.  Same with Twix, who is also on this great site.

GINGER is Doxie of the day at  !!!!!  Go check it out and leave comments!!!!! 
(this links you to our page, where you can see all three of us)

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Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

He everybuddy!! I got signed into that Dachshund thingy and put my picture and a tiny bio in. Whew... No time to look it all over and really check it out though. Toooooo much boating fun today... and AGAIN tomorrow. Thanks for telling me about this thingy. AND Congratulations for being the Pick of Today's Litter.