Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thai is at the VET!!!!!

Today is the day- Thai is having his dental. Mom took Thai and Ginger to the vet (Chip refused to go car). Everything went well until Thai was weighed- he first weighed 22.3 pounds, which would have meant he put on over 5 pounds in 6 weeks, then he was reweighed and only weighed 19.8 lbs. (MOM was holding him too tightly the first time) So, he only put on 2.8 pounds. Don't know where it is, since he looks the same- maybe the weight is because he only left pee mail on the lawn this morning.

Anyway, MOM was so embarrassing at the vet. She started to blubber when Thai was picked up and taken in back. Just because he was shaking so hard his paws were twitching!!! The StayPuff Marshmallow Man is tougher than Mom when she has to leave us at the vet. We are lucky we got home!!!She is still upset about the vet thingy, even though it is only a dental, he is getting microchipped and is having his cysts looked at by a professional.

On the up side, Ginger reports that ARby's is on the menu tonight, to make up for the cruelty of Thai getting a dental.

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Frankie Furter said...

Oh NO... you mean when I go for my teefs cleaning in two weeks... I have to STAY there... BY MYSELF??? Are you sure?? I thought they were just going to brush my teefs like mom does.. Well, I'm just not going to go. And now I'm not going to my regular check up Next week either. Thanks for the warning!!!
My mom must not know about this pupnapping thingy or she wouldn't have agreed to have my teefs cleaned. I'm gonna tell her right NOW... MOOOOOOOOOOOM!!