Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring is definitely coming!!!!

First, we have LOTS of robins in the yard today.  Second, FRANKIE FURTER is engaged to Ruby and Penny- Congratulations!!!!  Third, Mom has to order this year's supply of heartworm medicine for the three of us.

Today, MOM has to go to the people vet- her cold came back and she thinks it is bronchitis this time.  She has to sleep sitting up so that she can breathe, so Thai and Ginger take turns licking her and Chip makes sure there are enough blankets on her at night.  What would Mom and Dad do without us?


Frankie Furter said...

Your mom would be MISERABLE for sure, without you three.
Thanks for the Congratulations on my engagement. I still haven't come down to dirt yet. Whew.
Guess what I saw 3 robins this morning. YEAH!!!
I very much hope that your mom gets to feeling better speedy quick.
Yep gotta have those heartworm pills. I take my kind year around. Butt I only do the flea thing from May to Oct.. Is that how you do it???
Are you guys going to have Flat Brutus visit your place??? I hope if you do that your dad takes him to the Leg Lamp thingy Place. I think my mom is obsessed with that, I'm just sayin'. hehehe
Take care of your mom.

Martha and Bailey said...

We are delighted that Spring is on the way and happy to hear news of the engagement!
Sorry your mom has bronchitis - we hope she manages to sleep ok sitting up!
Our Dad seems to manage no bother right enough - every night whilst watching TV!
Seriously though look after mom!
Martha & bailey xxx

Three Dogs Long said...

Yay!!! Our Mamma's birthday is the first day of Spring!! We can hardly wait!!
Hope your Mamma feels better soon!

(((hugs))your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena