Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WE're back!!!!

WOW- we made it, and there are 87 million flakeys on our front lawn!!!!!!  We want to go back to SC!!!!!

What an amazing adventure- we left Friday at 6 AM.  Mom and Dad thought we would be awake, but we showed them.  Chip and Thai snoozed away in the back seat of the RAV4, while Her Majesty took the front, first on Dad's lap, and then on Mom's.  Mom drove the first three hours until we hit Exit 170 in West Virginia, for a Cracker Barrel break.  Mom and Dad ate inside while we suffered in the car.  BUT, then they brought us breakfast- BACON!!!!  All was immediately forgiven, especially since we each had our own serving, cut up by Mom, just the way we like it.  By then it was pouring rain out, so we attended to business very quickly both before and after they came out of the restaurant.  They sat where we could keep an eye on them- Ginger kept giving them "The Look", her patented hard stare, just like Paddington Bear.  The boys protected the car from strangers, barking at anything that moved.  Mom was proud of us. Then we continued south through WV, and we hit the snow storm!!!!  Lucky for us, Dad was driving.  Chip insisted on being up front to protect Mom and Ginger from the flakes, and Thai dozed in back, if he wasn't checking out the sites.  We had snow from WV, into VA and then North Carolina!!!!!  Then we had pouring rain.  It cleared up a little in SC< but not much.  We finally arrived at the hotel around 10:30 Friday night.  While Dad checked us in, Mom got us out of the car to take care of business, so we could show everyone how good were are. Then, we took off running, just like a dahcsie race, through the lobby and to our room.  What fun!!!!  (Yes, we were leashed, and we pulled Mom along behind us- she is so SLOW@!!!!)  Our room was huge- we had a king sized bed, which meant more room for us.  Mom, Dad and Ginger had already stayed at this hotel, and in the same room, when Mom's father died in September.  We played on the bed, we wrestled, and we had dinner in bed!!! What luxury!!!!

We were so good in the room- only a couple of presents and puddles the entire three days there.

On Saturday, Mom and Dad left us in the room while they went to the hospice to see Aunt Regina.  Mom came back very upset, so Dad took all of us to the beach!!!  WOWEE!!!  We could have run to Florida that very day if Mom had let us.  We ran up and down all of South Carolina, and barked at the waves, looking for the dreaded beach badgers.  Luckily, we did not find any, or they would have been taught a lesson- don't mess with the Dachsies With Moxie!!!!!  Mom took lots of photos so when the computer works again, she will post them.  Ginger showed us how to roll in the sand, but the boys wanted to run so they did.  Thai starts out running and then starts to hop like a bunny- it was so cute to see. After the beach, we went back to the room and Mom and Dad had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom pizza place next door to the hotel.  Mom says it is the best pizza she ever ate.  Then they spent the rest of the day with Aunt Regina. 

Saturday night- we had SONIC HOT DOGS for dinner!!!!!!  Mom was trying to make up for the fact that we boys had NEVER had hot dogs since we started living with her.  Chip ate his right away.  Thai knocked his over and ate the bun first, then the hot dog.  Ginger ate her hot dog and then her bun.  Delicious!!!!  Dad says we are what we eat.

Sunday, Mom and Dad went to see Aunt Regina again, and then went to lunch with Mom's mom.  Then they packed the car and we played in the bedroom.  Mom and DAd had packed our doggie beds and we only played in them while they were gone.  We also had Dachshund Races in the hallway- Chip and Thai always won!!!  Dad took Mom to Broadway at the Beach, which was right near our hotel, the La Quinta Inn and Suites on 21st Avenue North, and they bought Thai a Myrtle Beach t shirt, so now we all have one.  Chip got a black Security Tshirt, and Ginger got a pink and green camouflage hoodie for her treat this trip. Then they had dinner at Captain George's seafood buffet.  We had our dry crunchies when they got back to our room, after the car was loaded.  WE had dinner on the bed again, and MOM fed us our food, a handful at a time. 

We were so tired that we slept very well that night, and then we left Monday at 6 AM again.  (What is it with these people and 6 AM)  We got home at 8 PM, and our really nice neighbors had cleared our driveway with a snow blower!!!  We have a really great neighborhood.  Dad unloaded the car while Mom mad us dinner and scrambled eggs for Dad.  WE went to bed at 9 and snoozed the night away. 

Dad went to work this morning and it is snowing more flakey things right now!!!!  Thai slept on Mom for a while, and is still wearing his t shirt, as is Chip.  Photos tomorrow, if the computer thingy works.

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Frankie Furter said...

I am very much glad that you made it home safe and sound. There are 87 bazillion flakies in MY yard.
I am soooo tickled that you now have look alike tee shirts.