Friday, February 26, 2010

87 Million Feet of Snow

Well, here in the wilds of Northeast Ohio, we are getting 87 million trillion feet of snow!!!!  Mom had to shovel the porch three times today so we could go outside, and she also did the steps and a path out to the grass.  The snow is not due to end until next week sometime.  The local weather forecasters are more accurate than the Weather Channel!!!  (Even the local NBC affiliate, which Mom loathes, is more accurate)

Mom is keeping us warm inside with Dingos rawhide chewies and we are keeping her busy with "Spot", our new DachsieBot.


Frankie Furter said...

To my DEAR FURends... Ginger Chip and Thai........
This snow stuff just STINKS!!
I'm thinkin' that we four mighty Dachshunds should start a Snow Revolution!!! Down with Snow
Snow is a DIRTY four letter WORD. Be GONE.
I'm getting it too, butt not as much as you this time. SORRY!!!
The only good news is... March is going to come in like a LION!!!
Still no robins here. The Latest My mom has ever seen them come back is March 3rd.. I'll bet they aren't here by then this year!!



Mommy & I went looking for snow pictures & picked some really good ones of Ginger and Chip. Do you have one of Thai you could send us?

I'm so glad it hasn't snowed here anymore.


Agnes B Bullock said...

I think MOm can send you one of Thai.

Frankie, we agree- SNOW is the worstest of the four letter words!!! Let the #*@# Revolution begin!!!