Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday after Thanksgiving

Wow, what a weekend. After two weeks on a dog food only diet (the horror, the cruelty) we were allowed to have turkey!!!!! Mom shredded it for us and added a touch of gravy- YUMMO! We behaved perfectly, for dachsies, while Mom and Dad had their turkey. Of course, Mom fell for the big sad soulful eyes and we had even more turkey!!!

Friday and Saturday we worked on the man cave where Dad has his humongous train layout- we can now walk around the whole thing (it is 8 X 16 feet).

We met our neighbors' son Anthony, and he know where a dachsie needs to be scratched- he is now Chip's new best friend. Ginger is back on antibiotics since she is running a slight fever and could not get in to see Dr. S for her teeth cleaning and growth removal until next Monday. At least the antibiotics seem to be working again.

Other than that, Ginger and Chip went to the post office and Kinko's yesterday, as well as the vet for the antibiotics.

Too cold to do more than answer nature's call- Mom pulled out the winter coats yesterday for us. Lots of blankies for snuggling under appeared mysteriously on the couch too- We never knew MOm had so many, and just for us!!!

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