Monday, December 14, 2009

Mom's computer stinks!!!!

Mom spend a lot of time yesterday working on the computer, backing all of her photos up onto an external hard drive, and now she cannot use the card reader on the computer to upload the new photos of us!!!  Apparently, there is no longer an F, G, H or an I drive and no external ports can be read.  She has a Dell Dimension E520 and it is over 3 years old.  She hates it as it has been a problem from the get go and had to be replaced twice in the first six months while it was under warranty.  Any ideas on how to fix this thing?  There are valuable photos of us just waiting to be shown to the world !!!!

In other news, Ginger threw up in the big bed last nights and Mom and Dad are not happy.  The bed had to be stripped and the down blanket washed in the tub, but I was good Santa Paws.  Never mind that both of us left puddles and presents all day long yesterday- I was not getting wet!!!!

Mom only put out the dry dog food today to see if Ginger's stomach will settle down some.  She hasn't thrown up since last night so I don't see why I have to suffer too> 


Frankie Furter said...

Hi, Sorry Ginger got all sicky. Hope she is better.
I asked for my very own YapStop computer from Santa Paws LAST year. He brought it to me... it is a Dell.
It took a LOT of calls to those "boys in India" to get it up and running the way it should have... on Christmas morning. It took my mom HOURS on the phone. (I am NOT allowed to use the phone any more.)

Maybe you should try calling them. It couldn't hurt. Unless you consider the flat bottom from the loooong time you have to sit with the phone on your ear.

Agnes B Bullock said...

Mom did that the first time the Dell broke- four weeks, wiht five calls a week, each one averaging four to five hours apiece and the piece of junk still did not work. Then a refurboshed model was sent and it crashed after two weeks, and finally a new one was sent out. That is the one that is not working now and is out of warranty!!!!